Freshness and smell

What do you expect from detergents and fabric softener? I expect that even the lowest temperature will wash the laundry perfectly and do not leave a single spot. I expect white underwear to remain really white and colorful underwear still as radiant. I certainly want to feel the freshness and pleasant smell of the laundry as long as possible. I want to feel the softness and softness of the clothes I just put on.
Removes everything I want
I'm sure I don't want to go with the saggy spots, I don't want a white shirt and a faded colour on the other pieces from my wardrobe. I do not want coarse and musty towels or bed linen. It is the drugstore from Germany that helps me to remove everything I do not want and achieve what I want and I expect. Thanks to her, my underwear is fresh, still bright and glowing with colors, especially but always perfectly clean.