Meet Our Ice cream

Are you the owner of the ice cream booth? Do you want to offer your customers the best ice cream? If so, our Czech Adria Gold ice cream will surely become an ice cream Bestseler in your city. We guarantee discrete cooperation, as we are looking for reliable distributors who will help us to support the brand with several years of experience.
Our ice cream is 20 years on the Czech market and we have prepared more attractive prices for you and a lot of new flavours. Surely our ice cream will be very well-behaved and the feeling will not be different even with your customers. Believe Czech production, and excellent Czech taste. Our products will become irresistible to you.
Sell Czech ice cream
Gastronomy in the Czech Republic is at a high level and our ice creams, which are 100% processed by Czech raw materials, are of high quality. Believe in Czech quality, believe us!