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Basic Melanotan 2 Facts and Tips

For a lot of people, things they hear about Melanotan 2 abound yet they are not really sure if they should believe them or not. Fortunately, this article will leave all your doubts behind this product. One of the most common names that Melanotan 2 goes by is the Barbie drug. It is a synthetic analog of the peptide hormone called melanocyte-stimulating hormone. It is the product of choice for a lot of people who are after getting a tanned skin without risking themselves under the heat of the sun to get painful sunburns in the end. Getting exposed under the heat of the sun often also leads to your chances of getting skin cancer to become higher.

No wonder why a lot of people prefer to get medicated to get a tan than risk themselves from being exposed to the UV rays and getting skin cancer. Making use of Melanotan 2 can be done in a good number of ways. The product comes in oral, nasal, and injection forms. You get to decide which route you should go for. Nonetheless, the injection form of this product will provide you results that are much faster and more effective.

You can benefit a lot from taking Melanotan 2. If you want to know more about them, make sure to read here for more info.

The best thing about Melanotan 2 is that it is a product that is easy to use. More and more people are having a hard time setting aside their time to get a tan by spending some time under the sun because of their demanding schedules. Fortunately, this product is here to stay and provide people their much-needed tan without sitting under the heat of the sun. Aside from getting quicker tanning results, you also get better results. For the most part, you have to take the product as many times as you can to achieve the results of your desire. Only after getting the results that you desire can you take the product at least once a day. Nonetheless, you will know the most ideal dosage and amount of the product based on the recommendations of your doctor.

Aside from getting a tan, weight loss is another effect you get from the product. That is why this is a product of choice for a lot of professional players and bodybuilders. With Melanotan 2, you get an appetite suppression effect that would lead you to lose weight. With your appetite suppressed, you are not going to be consuming more food leading you to lose more weight.

Your prescribing doctor is where you must go first to know what is the best way to take Melanotan 2. Twice a day, the product will be taken in 0.25 mg amount. Once you learn that your body is reacting right, you can increase the dosage to 1.5 mg to be taken once daily to get a deep tan.

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